Paralia Katerini, the capital of Prefecture Pieria, has few variants of aeronautical and port access, the most used being the road system, followed by the railway.

The largest airport near the Olympus Riviera is Thessaloniki’s Makedonia International Airport (SKG), also known as Mikra, located 101 kilometers from Paralia Katerini. Pieria beaches can be reached by bus, which runs every half hour until 21:30.

Makedonia International Airport (SKG)

Departure is from the bus station, located in the city center. The races follow the highway and are quite cheap. The second variant is the railway, the train stopping at Sindos, Adenro, Plati, Eghinio, Korinos, Katerini, Litochoro (Olimp) and Larissa.

The second largest nearest airport is Volos (Nea Anchialos – VOL), about 150 kilometers from Paralia Katerini. The airport connects with countries such as Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium or Spain. From here, you can reach the Riviera by car or by train.

Another alternative, albeit bypassing, is Papadiamantis International Airport in Skiathos Island, from where water can be reached in Volos and, hence, in the seaside resort of Pieria Prefecture. The airport here is famous for having one of the world’s shortest and narrowest runs, where the planes land at a low altitude above the beach.

Although located more than 200 kilometers away, tourists can use it to reach the Olympic Riviera and Alexander the Great Airport in Kavala.

Ports of Paralia Katerini

Concerning passenger ship transport, the nearest port is Thessaloniki, about 80 kilometers from Paralia Katerini. Macedonian passenger terminal ships from Albania, France, Italy, Spain, Tunisia and several Greek ports. The harbor is just a kilometer from the local bus station.

The second largest is the port of Volos, located 148 kilometers from Paralia Katerini. Those who come from the Sporades Islands – Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos to see mainland Greece can reach the Riviera either by bus, car hire or by train.

The Olimp Riviera is sprinkled with some small ports but with significant activity. The first is Paralia Katerini, followed by Platamonas Marina – which can accommodate over 90 boats, the small port of Litochoro and the Methoni pier. All these are used mainly by Greek fishermen, yacht owners and small craft tourists walking in the most picturesque places on the coast.