Katerini is a city in Central Macedonia, Greece, the capital of the Pieria regional Unit, located on the Pierian plain, between Mount Olympus and Thermaic Bay, at an altitude of 14 meters. A popular tourist destination, Katerini is about 6 kilometers from the sea and has many archaeological sites of great interest, such as the ancient city of Dion, dating back to the 5th century BC, who is at 17 kilometers away, and Platamon Castle. The beaches of Korinos, Paralia and Olympiaki Akti (or Katerinoskala) are the biggest tourist attractions of the summer.

Paralia Katerini is located on the eastern coast of Thermaic Bay, two kilometers east of Kallithea, five kilometers south of Korinos and eight kilometers east of Katerini. The beach is situated on the coast of the Aegean Sea, right at the foot of Mount Olympus. Along the main street of Paralia you can find plenty of terraces, cafes, bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and a lot of out-of-home vendors. The place is arranged for tourists, offering a wide variety of facilities, regardless of age. Katerini has a population of 85.851 (according to the 2014 census), and is near the Greece’s second largest city: Thessaloniki. The town is accessible from the main highway GR-1/E75: Thessaloniki–Athens highway GR-1/E75 and the Egnatia Odos to the north.

Katerini give you a lot of travel possibilites because the town is located near several villages renowned for their high quality natural produce. And when we say natural produce, we mean, among others, kiwis, cherries and in some regions strawberries. Here you will find a Mediterranean climate, that means you yill deal with dry summers and cool and more humid winters. So, in your summer vacation in Paralia Katerini will have confortable wheader, and in winter you will enjoy a mild weather, with little snow, but a verry beautiful landscapes.