Approximately 70 kilometers of sandy beaches, often fine and golden, the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea, the fabulous scenery between the shore and the legends of the legendary mountains, make Paralia Katerni and Prefecture Pieria a dream place for most tourists I’m coming here.

In addition, easy access to the seashore, whether by car, by train or by small boats, the comfort of the friendly, honest and friendly hotel industry, the amazing gastronomy, the spiritual and cultural charity and, last but not least, the sentiment that you are right in the heart of ancient Europe – the one that made this continent to be what it is today.

Approximately 70 kilometers of sandy beaches

The northern one – with the beaches of Methoni, Ai Iannis, Makrygialos, Pydna and Alyki Kitrous, the central one – with Korinos, Paralia Katerini and Olympiaki Akti and south with Variko, Gritsa, Plaka Litohourou, Leptokaria, Paralia Skotinas, Paralia Paneleimona, Platamonas and Nei Pori.

Nethoni and Nea Agathoupoli are the northernmost holiday destinations in Pieria prefecture. True oases of tranquility, the small resorts are located approximately 20 kilometers from Katerini and 50 from Thessaloniki, in a rich vegetation area on the edge of the Aliakmona Delta. Here are several holiday villas and tourists can accommodate in studios and family apartments. The two beaches are long and narrow.

Makrygialos is a small resort, but it has a fairly stretched and well-organized beach. The green hills descend to the golden beaches of Ai Iannis and Pydna. Nearby are the ruins of ancient fortifications and Byzantine buildings. Several hundred meters away is the natural harbor of Alyki Kitrous, very sought after by small vessels.

The next beach to the south is Korinos, located nine kilometers from Paralia Katerini. The resort, which is growing, has hotels, camping sites and a beautiful beach, certified Blue Flag. Along the coast are several taverns, cafes, discos, bars and nightclubs. Several festivals and cultural events take place throughout the year in the resort.

Paralia Katerini is the largest and most cospololite resort on the Olimpian Riviera. The beautiful beach, which stretches over several kilometers, is certified Blue Flag.

With plenty of hotels, restaurants and taverns, shops and entertainment venues, Paralia is annually visited by thousands of tourists of several nationalities. The boats can be hired from the harbor, and the area is one of the most generous in terms of sightseeing.

Olympic Beach or Olympiaki Akti

Olympic Beach or Olympiaki Akti, as the locals call it, is three kilometers south of Paralia Katerini. The two beaches are linked by a road with a bicycle track and a pedestrian alley.

The resort, chic and well organized, also has a beautiful golden sand beach that stretches over several kilometers. The resort offers tourists accommodation in hotels, bungalows and camping. Local taverns and restaurants offer a diverse range of traditional and international dishes.

Going further south, we meet the resort of Litochoro, 28 kilometers from Paralia Katerini. Situated at the foot of Mount Olympus, at the entrance to the Enipeas River Gulf and near the ancient city of Dion, the resort has a beach known as Gritsa, where there is also a small harbor. From here, the beach stretches along natural bays, separated from rocks and pebbled areas, to Leptokaria.

In turn, Leptokaria, which is 33 kilometers away from Paralia Katerini, is an already traditional settlement for tourists. Former fishing village and birthplace of the mythical Orpheus, has a fine sandy beach and well-organized pebble, which has sun loungers and umbrellas, but also numerous bars.

To the south is Paralia Skotinas, at the foot of Mount Olympus. The settlement is especially a destination for families with children because it has a stretched beach with fine sand and a smooth entrance into the water.

The atmosphere is also relaxing, as there is only a larger hotel in the area and a few smaller ones. There are no taverns and cafes. Over the summer, there are several festivals and concerts.

Paralia Panteleimona is a long beach of almost three kilometers, on the shore of a wooded bay, which is bordered by well-organized camps, set along the main road. There are also shops and most taverns, a small park of children’s entertainment and a mechanical games room. Paralia Katerini is 38 km away.

Platamonas is one of the significant resorts on the Olympus Riviera. The settlement, which attracts tens of thousands of tourists during the summer season, is 36 km away from Paralia Katerini.

Set on the ruins of the ancient city of Herakleion and dominated by the medieval castle Platamonas, the resort has numerous hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, cafes and clubs. The beach is a fine sandy beach with a smooth entrance to the water, ideal for families with children and has seashells and umbrellas, as well as a water sports center and a lifeguard service.

The southernmost beach of Pieria prefecture, and the newest and most elegant beach, is Nei Pori. Situated between Mount Olympus and the Aegean Sea, it has a fine sandy beach, right in front of the hotel booth with a modern architecture and a height of no more than four floors.

The location, the road structure and the opportunity to visit all the tourist destinations in Central Macedonia, make Nei Pori one of the most important summer destinations in Greece. Beautifully spacious and full of flowers, leandards, olive trees and palm trees, with fresh air, the resort deserves its reputation.