Paralia Katerini is one of the most popular resort in mainland Greece. An affordable resort in Northern Greece, with easy access and alot of facilities for tourists.

Is a destination for all the family, for all ages and for all tastes. When you say Paralia Katerini, you defenely say clean environment, shopping, amazing nightclubs, unique beaches and a large varieties of hotels and restraurants. Olso, the region offers you a lot of excursions.

Between mount and sea

Katerini is a city in the central part of Macedonia, between Mt. Olympia and the Thermaikos Gulf. Paralia (beach in Greek) is the beach of Katerini, and is four kilometers east of Katerini, southeast of Veria, at 70 kilometers south of Thessaloniki and Makedonia International Airport. Together form a popular all season tourist destination, with world-class hotels, good restaurants and a well-appointed ski resort.

Summer fun in Paralia Katerini

The summer season in Paralia Katerini starts in May and ends in October. Once here, you can experience a lot of fun – from lying on the beautiful wide sandy beach and enjoy the crystal-clear water, to taking a ride on the banana.

Or much better, go-karting with all your family. And if you want a trip, you can choose from many optional excursions, guided tours organized by local travel agencies. Among the most popular excursions are Meteora – the second largest monastery complex in the country of Greece, Pudna – the place where Phillip II first defeated the Greek army, Mount Olympia or Thessaloniki.

For the real summer experience, you can go on cruises to Skiathos and Skopelos Islands. All at convenient prices. That because Paralia Katerini is a destination for all type of bugets.

A shopping destination

Paralia really is the perfect place to go shopping. The center of the resort will amaze you with a lot of shops with suvenirs that illustrate the beauty of Greece.

Olso, is a perfect greek resort where you can find quality fur coats at a very low prices. And when we say low, we mean half the price! Of course, like in many other destination, bargaining is a pleasure, so don’t keep you apart.